Your tasks, organized.

The Condution Project

The App

Condution is a powerful yet incredibly simple check-list application that supports all your needs–from study and business to leisure and life. Bring Condution with you across the globe and let it be your second brain — so you can focus on what's really important. We aim to bring productivity to everyone using Condution, an app that's simple, powerful, and free (although we do take Patreon donations).


Condution is packed with a variety of powerful project management features to accelerate your workflow.

Due + Start Dates (and Times)

Yes, you heard it right! Unlike some of the other apps out there, at Condution, we know that timing is important to people! Every task is hidden until a certain time and is due at precisely at a time, so you can manage your day exactly according to your needs.

Sequential and Parallel Projects

Some tasks can’t really be done without others being done first, and we understand that. Tasks blocked in a sequential project can be hidden if needed, and displayed again when ready.

Filters and Perspectives

Filter tasks by tag? Check. Filter by projects? Check. Filter by due date? Check. Filter by due date and project with tags, and sort tasks based on defer date while hiding everything that’s not available? You bet.